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BlueWireMedia is an Australian-based web strategy company.  They have a number of very helpful and simple to understand resources.  Today I’d like to show you their SEO Planning Template.  SEO = Search Engine Optimization.  But first a little background…

A few years ago, I started installing WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin for my clients who wanted to blog.  SEO by Yoast not only helps improve on-page SEO of blog posts but helps you write better content.

One of the stumbling blocks for my clients new to the web is understanding “keywords“: what keywords are and how to use them.  Using BlueWireMedia’s pdf as part of this education process has been very helpful for both me and my clients.  The one important part that I do still need to stress is that keywords are just the words people type into search engines to find what they are looking for.  That may seem old news to many but that is still a concept that newbie bloggers need to understand.  The next point I stress is that “long-tail” keywords, or keyword phrases of 3 or more words, can be much easier to rank for then a short keyword phrase… but that’s for another post.

Download the pdf here: SEO Planning Template .pdf

Here is how BlueWireMedia explains their SEO Planning Template:

An easy to follow template for optimising your blog posts and premium content for Google and the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo!

Step 1: Keyword Research

Use free tools like Google Instant and Ubersuggest to discover what keyword phrases to optimise for.  The more ‘long tail’ keywords you include the more likely it is that you’ll appear on Google results because these phrases will have less competition.

Step 2: On Page SEO

One you decide on a target keyword, make sure you use that keyword appropriately on the webpage

Step 3: Off page SEO

Go ahead and publish your content, link to it and share it via social media

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