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Free alternative to Gotham font.  All the way back in 2007 I was working on a fan site and campaign to save the HBO TV series “John From Cincinnati” (JOHN).  As fate would have it, my website became the fan site and campaign central for us “Monad-istas” (which is how we fans refer to ourselves) which you can still find at http://JohnFromCincinnati.net.

poster_wide_01So what does this have to do with alternative fonts for Gotham?  Well, Gotham is the font used for the JOHN logo.  In designing the website and campaign materials I wanted to use the correct font, and with the help of some design professionals in our midst I discovered Gotham.  It has since become one of my “go to” fonts because I love its clean open lines.

However, it is a premium font that not everyone can afford.  This is why I was happy to find this little article by Author: Oliur Rahman, Founder & CEO of UltraLin, that shows a  free alternative to Gotham Font called Montserrat. And it’s in the a Google font library which makes it excellent for websites.  If you look closely at the comparison lines below you will see how remarkably close the two fonts are.

montserrat gotham font comparson

Here you can find Montserrat font at Google Fonts.

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Free alternative to Gotham font
Article Name
Free alternative to Gotham font
An amazingly similar alternative to the premium font Gotham.

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