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If you have ever had shared, VPS, or dedicated server hosting then you most likely had to learn cPanel and a number of other technical things to get your site to work as you wanted. Having your site(s) hosted with EasyCloud.us is different because they manage all the complexities of “the cloud” for you. I found there was still a learning curve to the first setup as I got used to their system, but having been with them since March 2011, I would not host a PTC site anywhere else.

EasyCloud.us Managed Hosting

As a service to my clients who hire me to design their sites and decide to use EasyCloud.us hosting, I will do all the setup for you… This includes creating your EasyCloud account, to configuring your domain DNS, making sure the software is installed properly, and setting up your email. All you do is answer some questions for me and send EasyCloud your first months payment, and I’ll do the rest 😀 I have worked out a system with the EasyCloud techs so the process is smooth and accurate.

easy cloudThe down/up side to EasyCloud.us hosting is all support is currently done through email. This was scary for me since I’m used to hosting with phone support. But since I was paying $40 a month for VPS and my site was down for days with repeated DDoS attacks, I took the risk on their $15 a month plan for the DDoS protection. My experience with their support has been very good to excellent. I still don’t like only having email for emergency support, but because they are managed hosting they are aware that they must be on top of their email. They use their email system to route/triage tickets so all emergencies are handled quickly. No more having to wait for a level 1 tech with whom you explain the whole problem, then wait for them to go though their checklist, and then they end up sending you to their level 2 department where you, more then likely, have to put in a support ticket anyway.

The Bottom Line:

  1. Their prices are exceptional!
  2. My experience with their technical staff has been excellent.
  3. Their techs have even worked with script and software developers to improve their products.
  4. EasyCloud techs have done far more for me, and my clients, in 6 months then any other hosting support… ever!
  5. When one of my sites did have a DDoS attack, though it did slow down, the EasyCloud protection kept my site up and running.
  6. Unless you are a real “tech-head” and need cPanel/WHM, EasyCloud.us hosting is a great and cost effective choice.


I. EasyCloud.us Basic vs. Advanced Hosting Plans

Post in PTCPay.com forum 19 August 2011
Our cheapest hosting plan is Basic Cloud, and it runs perfectly with GeN4. It costs $4-6/month depending on how long is the subscription (1, 6 or 12 months). Details: http://EasyCloud.us/signup. It does not include free domain name, so you have to purchase it separately. We are not a domain name registrar, so you have to purchase one at some other company. We recommend www.namecheap.com since their prices are low and the control panel is fast, easy and convenient.For PTC websites we usually recommend Advanced Cloud plan ($15/month), as soon as a website is launched and has some significant number of registered members. But it is possible to start with Basic Cloud. There is no need in something different than Basic Cloud during the website development stage, like developing the site design theme etc. You may upgrade whenever you want, without any downtime or migration.Here are some points to consider about Basic Cloud plan:

  1. We have no CPU limits, so even with Basic Cloud we will never limit your account due to excessive CPU usage in case of a lot of traffic, like other hosts usually do for their shared hosting packages for similar price.
  2. This plan have just 2 php containers which process visitors’ requests. In case of a sudden traffic spike your site will be slow because the price for this plan is low and it has not enough power for somewhat significantly loaded sites.
  3. This plan fits fresh sites very well, because this script is fast if a registered users database is small (at the start of a site). It means that average script page generation time is very low (most of the time much less than 50ms) and Basic Cloud plan can handle 40+ php generated page views per second. It is relatively high load, more than 3,500,000 page views per day. Usually even most expensive shared hosting plans do not allow such a load.
  4. As soon as the website grows, it gets slower. Usually it happens around 10-20k of registered members. At this moment a number of page views time increases and it requires upgrade to the next plan. There is no any downtime or migration while upgrading a hosting plan at EasyCloud. We just add more php containers, spread on different servers, resulting in a possibility to handle more load.

Thanks for your interest to our services, by the way

Regards, Elisabeth
EasyCloud Hosting Team

Please feel free to contact me with any specific questions you may have. I’m here to help!

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