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So happy that we found Trishah to work on our website. From our first contact with her till we launched our site, we just loved her works and timings.

Thank you, Trishah!

Martin Nguyen, Founder

First Baptist Church of Manasquan

We couldn’t be happier then we are with our new site – Trishah listened carefully to what we were hoping to achieve, added great technical insight and artistic flair, and created a site that is attractive and easy to navigate. Throughout the process we worked as a team – to get what we wanted – but in a way that was easy to design AND maintain.

Dale Ferguson

In an excellent working relationship that has spanned several years, Trishah has worked up two websites for me.  One for a commercial product, and one for my art site.  She is very talented, professional, and extremely competent.  I highly recommend her.

Warren Raatz Golf Instruction

Trishah, and her team, went beyond any expectation with my new website. They took the time to learn who i am and then sculpted a site that reflected my strengths and personality within the business model.

I totally recommend Trishah for anyone who desires a unique and market relevant website.

Warren Raatz

Dave & Lisa Skidd, LearnWithJenza.com

We have been using Trishah for our websites for the past 8 – 10 years.  During all the years we have been using her, I cannot think of any problems we have had with her.  She has proven to us to be honest and knowledgeable.  Taking time to thoroughly explain to us when we had questions or why she would do something differently than we were asking of her.  I have dealt with other developers in the past with horrible results, so trusting a developer is not something that comes easy to me.

We highly recommend her for your website needs.

Dave and Lisa Skidd
Learn With Jenza, LLC

Princeton Computer Repairs & Tutoring

Trishah Woolley has helped me tremendously.

She is hardworking, skillful, pleasant, visually imaginative and very software skillful.

I'm happy to let you know about Trishah.

Birdie, CakeItUpCakeStands.com

This is not a simple she’s the best! This is a “There is no one better to design your website!” Intimated at first because I had so many parts of the Cake It Up trademarked brand that all I knew was I needed a website that showcased the Brand and it’s colors and I needed a shopping cart for a complex product.

Trishah and I have never met in person. I thought that would be a problem. Little did I know, we would also become friends on a professional level.  What does that mean? It means she communicates her expertise to solve problems while considering what you are trying to convey. She personified our Brand, Birdie’s Chirps, and all our products speaking with my voice. She told me it would be a fun process and it was. She never stopped until it was perfect! She found the professionals needed for the one-of-a-kind Virtual Couture Cake Stand Mock-up Tool that was a fete in itself. You must visit and try it!

I wanted the site to be inviting, have a blog, have a shopping cart, and a place where my inspirational Birdie’s Chirps quotes on Life and Weddings would be housed and showcased.  She invented and designed that. She thought of ways to make a real shoppe where you could go shopping. She took our logo and the Birdie and incorporated that into so many elements on the website. She designed a custom gallery, pdf forms, shipping information, and so much more. She was happy to brainstorm with me when we would come up with an idea and weighed the good, the bad, and the what ifs for down the road. We also worked on a Birdie’s Banner for advertising that looks unique, not mainstream, and not the typical cascade of billboards you see everywhere else. She went over everything from adding Social Links to Privacy Policies meaning everything from A-Z!

I would be remiss in adding that my husband, an architect, was so impressed with my site he finally bit the bullet and is having Trishah.com design a site for him too.  After 30 years in the business, he waited I guess for the best too! I am so happy to be “Caking It Up” with Trishah and I can confidently Chirp "Trishah was the one that made www.cakeitupcakestands.com come to life and Stand Out From The Crowd!   Chirps xo Birdie

Beth "Birdie" Carnevale
Cake It Up LLC

Ryan, CoinForClicks.com Owner

When I had first bought the Gen4 PTC script I was in desperate need for a designer to customize the theme for me. I found that Trishah was an official designer on PTCPay's forum so I figured I'd try out her services. She gave me a very speedy reply and made sure I fully understood what it was that she offered and what information she needed to get started. We communicated on a regular basis and came to a conclusion on my needs. After she understood my theme requirements she got right to work, showing me a site mockup in a very timely manor. I was 100 percent satisfied with the example she showed me and there were very little changes I felt were needed. After a few small fixes she got right to work and started designing all of the other addon features I had requested.

Not only had she portrayed what I was looking for in my theme, she did it based mostly off her ideas. I had originally come up with a few ideas on color schemes and what not but through more discussion she convinced me that I was making a few design mistakes. I enjoyed her ideas much more than my own so we came up with a very nice compromise. She took the best of my ideas and the best of her own and made them come to life! I couldn't have asked for a better design and better customer service. I highly recommend Trishah's services.

Ryan, CoinForClicks.com Owner
Coin For Clicks

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