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Paul Budline is a videographer who has produced documentaries for The History Channel, the Biography channel, as well as videos for many organizations – both small and large. Paul’s main goal for his website was to display his previous works to future clients.  It made sense to use a black website for this purpose as it gives a neutral background that let’s his work shine.

The background image I created is a composite of many elements.  It features a stylized yet realistic camera lens and a blurred background of blues, aqua and purples.  The result is a modern clean look that clearly represents what he does while being subdued yet inviting.

Readability on black-based sites is always an issue that needs to be handled carefully. The solution was to use a bold bright white font, making the text easy to read.

On the homepage, his videos are presented in a manual scroller. Each has a featured image in a “poster” format and is accompanied by a brief description.  Click on these and you are taken to that videos’ main page where you can watch the video or its excerpt and read more about it.

This theme features a scrolled layer effect.  Meaning that when scrolling down the page, the sections move up on top of that last instead of creating on long page.

The final result is a modern clean and functional website that let’s Paul’s videos works speak for themselves.

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