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The layout of the site uses the default GeN4 theme as the basis along with only minimal changes to the default template pages.  This makes updating the script much easier.

The large top image is a transparency and the clouds behind the mountains is a very wide image. jQuery is used to slowly move the clouds from right to left in a smooth endless loop.  The main image I created from a long view of a mountain valley and a close-up of the front wheel of a mountain bike.  This gave the main image tremendous depth and would be something any mountain biker would appreciate.

The logo in the center of the main image is made from a tire-track font and a PhotoShop mud-like font-style.

Another feature of this theme is a large, non-repeating page background image consisting of more than a dozen mountain biking related images that were made monochromatic and blended with the dirt-brown background color.  The end result was an interesting pattern and a warm inviting look.

MountainBikerOnline.com Website Design
Article Name
MountainBikerOnline.com Website Design
MountainBikerOnline.com uses the paid-to-click GeN4 software. This GeN4 site took the bold initiative to focus on a target demographic: mountain bikers.

December 1st, 2011 Posted In: PTC Websites
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