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Category: PTC Websites

GreenLineInvest.net adapts the GeN4 script by PTCPay as the basis for a HYPE-type investment website.  The script was chosen by the developer because of its outstanding security and other built-in features.

The theme I created for them breaks with my usual style by not basing the design on the GeN4 default theme.  By not using the default themes constraints, it will make updating the theme more difficult, however it freed up the design possibilities.

Some of the noteworthy features of this GeN4 theme are:

  • Custom logo
  • Split menu into top header login / register, and mid-header navigation.
  • Integrated homepage slider color matches the page background which allows the information to take focus.
  • Layered backgrounds divs so pages look good on wide monitors.
  • Special “information sections” theme pages to allow easy updating of specific page sections.
  • Forum themed to match main site.
  • Several custom pages per developers instructions.

February 7th, 2014 Posted In: PTC Websites
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