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CoinForClicks.com uses the GeN4 script by PTCPay.com.

The client requested an elegant black theme with gold accents.  As some of you may know, I am not a fan of black websites, mainly because of readability issues.  So, the challenge here was to create a black site that all users would be able to use without struggling.

My solution, where reading text is important, was to use a dark grey background behind the text areas with a near-white text and a dark css text-shadow.  The css text-shadow works like an outline that sharpens the edges of the text against the grey so the letters are crisp and clear.

The gold was accomplished with a shiny gradient for all buttons and menu tabs.  The title uses an “old world” font with a matte gold gradient style giving it a sophisticated metal effect.

Some other noteworthy features are:

  • Home page statistics were removed from the menu and added to the top three info boxes on the home page.
  • All member account area icons were redone to coordinate with the theme.
  • The footer stretches the full width of the page.

Ryan, CoinForClicks.com Owner

When I had first bought the Gen4 PTC script I was in desperate need for a designer to customize the theme for me. I found that Trishah was an official designer on PTCPay's forum so I figured I'd try out her services. She gave me a very speedy reply and made sure I fully understood what it was that she offered and what information she needed to get started. We communicated on a regular basis and came to a conclusion on my needs. After she understood my theme requirements she got right to work, showing me a site mockup in a very timely manor. I was 100 percent satisfied with the example she showed me and there were very little changes I felt were needed. After a few small fixes she got right to work and started designing all of the other addon features I had requested.

Not only had she portrayed what I was looking for in my theme, she did it based mostly off her ideas. I had originally come up with a few ideas on color schemes and what not but through more discussion she convinced me that I was making a few design mistakes. I enjoyed her ideas much more than my own so we came up with a very nice compromise. She took the best of my ideas and the best of her own and made them come to life! I couldn't have asked for a better design and better customer service. I highly recommend Trishah's services.

Ryan, CoinForClicks.com Owner
Coin For Clicks

March 14th, 2014 Posted In: PTC Websites
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