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AdsPTC.com is a paid-to-click website that uses the GeN4 script by our friends over at PTCPay.com.

The GeN4 script is unique in its high level of security and the default theme pages being partially integrated into the script.  Whenever you make changes to a GeN4 theme, you have to remember that someday you will have to update the script and also the code within the theme.

The custom theme I created for AdsPTC.com makes as few changes as possible to the default theme to make updating easier.  All the areas that were changed are identified with comments to make these area easy to find when updating.

My two favorite things about this theme are the colors and the logo.  The client liked the look of another GeN4 site I designed called GoodKarmaClicks and wanted a similar look.  As I never do two sites alike, I took the colors from GoodKarmaClicks but changed the style and look.  For instance, instead of the page bodies having a white background, I make them transparent to let the muted peach textured background show instead.

logoThe logo ended up being a challenge because (1) the client liked the idea of making the “S” in ads a dollar sign, (2) there are few letters in the name so there wasn’t a lot to work with, and (3) the logo had to look balanced.  I was able to find a friendly looking currency font and work with it to fill in the dark olive green outlines with a bright olive green center.  Then I used a thin rounded sans serif font for the PTC letters in the dark raspberry different color.  It’s finished off with a small tagline that works like an underline for the logo.


March 22nd, 2014 Posted In: PTC Websites
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