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Category: HTML, PHP, and Hybred Websites

UPDATE:  February 2016
As the original website were HTML pages that were not responsive to different device sizes, I have taken the time to redevelop the entire website in WordPress.  This took several weeks as many custom page templates needed to be made to display all the content.  I kept the original look of the site but adapted it for WordPress.

Origianl Post: 25 January 2014

DeadwoodChronicles.com is a labor of love for me.  Back in 2007 I became hooked on the ill-fated HBO series “John From Cincinnati” (JOHN) and my fan site became the #1 place for trying to save the show.  At that same time I became acquainted with a gentleman named “Calamity Dan” who was doing the weekly transcripts of JOHN.  His website, CalamityDan.com, had become the #1 place on the web for all things Deadwood, the HBO series that had already been cancelled.

A few years later, CalamityDan decided to close down his site and he offered up all this site content to whomever wanted to keep it alive.  With the support of my JOHN monad-istas (what we JOHN fans call ourselves) we took on the challenge of downloading the gigs of videos, audio, images and transcripts CalamityDan had lovingly gathered and created over the year.

Then it was up to me to take his work and create a new archival site for it all.  And the site DeadwoodChronicles.com was born.  I kept the basic structure of CalamityDan’s original website but added our own look and style.  Over the winter break of 2013 I took time to finish this project and changed many HTML pages to dynamic php pages that load images and other files on the fly.  I also incorporated a in-site search system.

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