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Category: HTML, PHP, and Hybred Websites

ConstructiveGrowth.com is four video music stations.  I had the javascript that runs these stations custom written for this purpose.  Each video includes a timing function that automatically switches to the next video when the current on ends.  It shows which video will play next, and it allows the user to choose a video from a scrolling list.  Each video also has an Amazon product area for monetization.  The first station is “Inspiration” consists of videos with music from Enya and others.  Some videos are simply beautiful music and images that describe the up-lifting text being displayed.

constructivegrowth_hzThe second station is “Healing Sounds“.  This one is unlike the other three in that these play in order.  The videos and sounds are based on the Solfeggio frequencies which are a serious of tones, each with its own healing properties. Listening to these is like listening to chanting and has some of the same effects.

constructivegrowth_laughThe third station is “Healthy Laugh” which is full of videos that are meant to make you smile.  These videos include Einstein the talking parrot who is just spectacular.  Also is the baby panda sneeze, and talking goats.. this one always cracks me up!  As you can see, each of these stations has it’s own color theme.

constructivegrowth_rainThe forth and final video music station is “Soothing Rain“.  I created this one especially for a friend who was having sleep difficulties.  It is just want it says, videos of gentle soothing rain played in random order.

My plan is to one day turn these scripts into a WordPress plugin that will allow anyone to add their own video music stations to their site.


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ConstructiveGrowth.com Video Music Channels Design
ConstructiveGrowth.com is four video music stations. I had the javascript that runs these stations custom written for this purpose.

June 11th, 2012 Posted In: HTML, PHP, and Hybred Websites
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