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gen4_ptcpayGeN4 PTC Theme designs options for front-end, timed ad page, and forum:

  • $60 for header logo, footer, menu and one static banner, basic CSS font color change, and ad page logo.
  • $100 includes above plus: custom membership icons, background image, extensive CSS color tweaks, header/footer width change if desired, statistical banners, plus some “tweaking time” to get things the way you want them.
  • Additional work priced extra (such as changing page structure, add banner code, add more membership stats, etc.)

My GeN4 themes run from $60 to $120+ depending on how much you want/need done. If you have an upper dollar amount you can not go over, please tell me in advance so I can design within your budget.

The reason why I do not charge as much as i-Vinci (who is the best at GeN4 complete redesigns) is that I use the default theme that comes with GeN4 and make “tweaks” to it. Since I do not start from scratch it doesn’t take as long and I can keep prices down… On the other hand, the default theme limits me in what I can do with the design. Below is a picture of the default GeN4 homepage structure. Please look at the examples of other GeN4 sites I’ve designed to see some (but not all) of the variations possible.

NOTE:  Recently I have been doing more extensive GeN4 themes that break from the above explained “minor tweaks”.  These themes do cost more money and will have a more difficult time to update… thus is the nature of GeN4 designing.

Now, for how your site will actually look… I do not have pre-made themes, I create each theme based on your ideas. So first I will need some idea from you of what you like/want. One of the easiest ways to do this is to send me urls of other sites you like. They don’t have to be GeN4 sites. The urls can even be from theme sites like TemplateMonster.com. I just need to get an idea of the style and colors you like then I can interpret them into the GeN4 default theme.

Once I have your preferences I’ll make a mockup of design (i.e., an image of what it will look like) and send it to you for your feedback. We may have to go back and forth a few times until we get it looking the best we can.

Once we come up with an agreed upon design concept then the actual work takes 1-2 days.

Please send me your budget and some ideas for the design of your new GeN4 site.

Basic GeN4 Default Theme Homepage Structure
GeN4 Homepage Template Structure